Mountain Tough, Just Like the People of Gatlinburg

Mountain Tough

As you have probably heard or read about, massive wildfires caused by arson swept through the Smoky Mountains and Gatlinburg the week of November 28th, causing many millions of dollars in property damage and the loss of 16 lives.

But the spirit of the good people of East Tennessee burns hotter than any fire, and although many of our homes and businesses are destroyed, we will rebuild, and we will be stronger than ever.

Old Creek Lodge was very fortunate to escape destruction. Though our walls were covered in soot, the structure still stood. For the love of the mountains, for the love of Gatlinburg, and the love of the thousands of customers we have welcomed over the years, we were dedicated to getting our doors back open so we can serve you.

Since the wildfires, we have had a complete cleanup, including new beds and pillows, as well as a thorough cleaning of the property inside and out. We’re like brand new!

We appreciate your patience while we worked through this difficult situation, and invite you to come back to Gatlinburg and to the mountains.

Mountain tough!

Mountain Tough

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