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July 7, 2016

If you’re visiting the area of Gatlinburg, Tennessee and looking for some Gatlinburg nightlife activities, there are plenty of locations where you can get out and have a good time. Gatlinburg offers several nightlife locations that include dancing, taverns, restaurants, clubs and more. Here are just 5 of the best nightlife spots in Gatlinburg for you to enjoy.

1. Blaine’s Grill and Bar
When you want to visit a place that offers you everything you need all in one location, check out Blaine’s in downtown Gatlinburg. Located on the corner of Historic Nature Trail Road and Parkway Ave., Blaine’s Grill and Bar is housed in a three-story building that features a casual dining establishment on the 1st floor and one of the most popular dance clubs in Gatlinburg on the 3rd floor.

Blaine’s Bar and Grille offers a wide range of casual dining fare from appetizers and soups and salads to entrees, desserts and a gluten free menu. You can just get something lite to eat before going upstairs to enjoy dancing or bring the family and enjoy a complete dinner with all the fixings.

If you’re ready to have some fun, head upstairs to the popular Club 812 Dance Club. Located on the 3rd floor, above Blaine’s, the club is a place for ages 21 and over to have a good time on Friday and Saturday nights. The club includes amazing bartenders along with music that is kept going by professional DJ’s that will keep you dancing until closing time.

2. Gatlinburg Barrelhouse
If you’re in downtown Gatlinburg and looking for a place to get a drink and enjoy some Gatlinburg nightlife, check out the Gatlinburg Barrelhouse. Featuring a wide variety of whiskey’s and a full bar, this popular location offers a live distillery with a rustic look and feel while also providing live bluegrass music.

The Barrelhouse also has a souvenir shop in the back where you can pick up anything from t-shirts and posters to whiskey and all kinds of trinkets. The Barrelhouse also offers free samples and includes whiskey’s with flavors that include hints of smoke and sweet maple, pecans, cinnamon and even a hint of chocolate. The Gatlinburg Barrelhouse is a great place to enjoy the nightlife and get to know the locals and maybe even make a few new friends. Check out the Barrelhouse when you want to get to know downtown Gatlinburg.

3. Hogg’s Upstairs Taverne
When you want a place that can offer you variety in one place, take a look at Hogg’s Upstairs Taverne. By day, it’s a lively sports bar, but at night it turns into a wild west saloon with lots of activity. If you enjoy people-watching, Hogg’s Taverne is your place. Many locals and visitors alike enjoy the environment while also sampling the delicious barbecue wings or checking out the views of downtown Gatlinburg from the upstairs balconies. Hogg’s is the kind of hole in the wall location that gives you plenty to enjoy while being hidden away from the numerous tourist locations.

Hogg’s Tavern includes many different activities including pool tables, darts, juke box and a fun bar atmosphere. You can even get Root Beer on tap. If you’re looking for an out of the way place where you can get a cold beer and have a good time while exploring Gatlinburg nightlife, this is the place. Thursday night is also Karaoke night.

4. Ghostwalk of Gatlinburg
If you’re looking for something a bit different to do on your Gatlinburg nightlife adventure, check out the Ghostwalk of Gatlinburg. Tours are offered at 9:00pm, 10:30pm and midnight with the option of riding or walking. The Ghostwalk will take you through the streets of Gatlinburg where you will see many historic sites that are reported to be haunted. The guided tour covers about a mile and takes approximately 1 hour to complete. Be aware that this is not a typical “haunted house” style tour, but is a walking tour with a storytelling experience.

The Ghostwalk of Gatlinburg covers about 100 years of the city’s murder mysteries and local superstitions. Attendance at the Ghostwalk tour is at your own risk and peril. Tours are given rain or moon and although many of the stories are from local folklore and might be embellished for entertainment purposes, the Ghostwalk staff makes no guarantee that the stories are factual in any way. Combo packages and special rates are available to help you save money on the attraction and the tour is operated year round. This is a great nightlife attraction for those who want something different.

5. Ripley’s Haunted Adventure
If haunted locations and ghost stories are your thing and you want something to do at night while you’re in Gatlinburg, check out the Ripley’s Haunted Adventure in downtown Gatlinburg. Ripley’s Haunted Attraction is open until midnight, 365 days per year and includes live actors and a renovated mansion with scenes that are designed to keep you on your toes as you step slowly around each corner. You will never know what to expect as you go from room to room, experiencing one frightening scare after another. The tour is given to those who are 7 years and older.

Your tour will start by going through the old coffin factory where wooden coffins are being assembled to house the departed. From there you will enter a rickety old elevator and be taken down into a mine shaft and through many dark corridors where you will officially begin your tour of this 10,000 square foot, multi-million dollar haunted house. After experiencing Ripley’s Haunted Adventure, you might find yourself wanting to sleep with the light on in your hotel room in Gatlinburg. Gatlinburg nightlife has a lot to offer, so come on into town today and see what trouble you can get into!

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