chairs on balcony at old creek lodge

5 Benefits of Staying in Our Gatlinburg Hotel on the River

We know a lot of people want to stay in a hotel right on the Strip so they can be as close to the action as possible. But why would you want to do that when you can have a taste of nature and be close to all the fun downtown Gatlinburg has to offer? Our hotel is right off the Strip, and we’re right next to the river, making us the perfect place to stay! Learn about some of the benefits of staying in our Gatlinburg hotel on the river below:

1. Perfect Place to Fish

person holding a rainbow trout above the water in river behind gatlinburg hotelPlan on fishing while you’re in town? Why not stay at a place that has access to a river! Since the river runs right behind our hotel, you have the perfect place to go to fish for trout, bass, and any other type of fish you’re looking for. Just a reminder: if you do plan on fishing while you’re in town, you’ll need to purchase a Tennessee fishing license!

2. Get Plenty of R&R

We know there’s nothing quite as relaxing as listening to water rush over rocks in a creek. That’s why we have rocking chairs set up in the back of our hotel for guests to have a place to stop and “smell the roses.” Spend just a few minutes getting some rest and relaxation, or hang out for a few hours. That’s why we have our chairs set up so you can sit back and just release all the stress from everyday life. You’ll love being able to unwind when you stay at our Gatlinburg hotel on the river.

3. Enjoy a Beautiful View

The scenic back patio at Old Creek Lodge in Gatlinburg.One of the best things about staying in a Gatlinburg hotel on the river is getting a beautiful view! There’s nothing like waking up in the morning and looking out of your balcony or window to see the river down below. It doesn’t matter if it’s the afternoon or the evening either; you’ll love being able to look out at the water while you’re in your room. If you have some downtime, there’s no better place to just enjoy the view than the walkway behind our hotel!

4. Feel Close to Nature

Another benefit of staying with us is feeling like you’re close to nature. As we said, we aren’t too far from the downtown Gatlinburg Strip, but we are far enough away to allow guests to feel close to nature. Since we’re right next to the river, you’ll be able to look down into the water and see fish, turtles, and other creatures spending time by the banks or in the water. You also might spot birds stopping for a bath, swim, or drink. Plus, just listening to the river rush will have you feeling close to nature without having to go far!

5. Great Place for Kids to Play

river viewWhen you plan your family vacation to the Smoky Mountains, you are probably thinking about what your kids can enjoy about the place you stay. A huge perk of choosing us is being able to let your kids explore the creek behind our hotel! They can dip their toes in the chilly mountain water, watch animals in their natural habitat, and just enjoy exploring the area. They will have fun being outside in nature, and you’ll have fun watching them!

Being right next to the river definitely has its benefits for everyone. It will help you relax, provide the kids with entertainment, and you’ll love feeling close to nature, too. Ready to plan your next trip to the Smokies? Look through the rooms at our Gatlinburg hotel on the river, and book one now!