Old Creek Lodge Hotel in Gatlinburg
February 6, 2023

Now more than ever, people want to know that they are getting the best deal on their Smoky Mountain vacations. One of the most expensive parts of planning a trip is the lodging, but when you stay in our Gatlinburg hotel, you can actually save money! How is that, you may wonder? We’re going to share some of the top things that make us a budget friendly hotel in Gatlinburg!

Attractions are Within Walking Distance

downtown gatlinburg in november

If you visit Gatlinburg, you typically have to pay to park. When you choose to stay somewhere that’s located in downtown Gatlinburg, you won’t have to worry about parking in a garage, because you can walk from our hotel! We are within walking distance to almost every fun thing to do, incredible restaurants you want to try, and places to shop. Not only will you save on parking fees, you’ll also save when it comes to filling up your car while you’re on vacation!

Free On-Site Parking

Like we previously mentioned, if you stay at our Gatlinburg hotel, you won’t have to pay for parking. You’ll have a free place to leave your vehicle, and you can easily walk to where you want to go in downtown Gatlinburg!

Free Grab-and-Go Breakfast

breakfast area at old creek lodge

Eating out on vacation quickly adds up, but when you take advantage of our hotel breakfast, you can save a ton of money! We know you want to enjoy the amazing food Gatlinburg has to offer, but even if you just eat our free grab-and-go breakfast every day, you’ll save a ton of money! We have something for everyone’s preferences, and you’ll feel ready to conquer the day!

Provide Free Wifi

Another amenity you can enjoy at our Gatlinburg hotel for free is the wifi. You won’t have to pay to get online, so you can keep up with family and friends back home, upload your photos at the end of the day, and browse online to learn more about what there is to do in the area!

Seasonal Outdoor Pool

outdoor pool at gatlinburg hotel

If you happen to be planning a summer vacation, you can skip out on the water parks or other expensive attractions because our guests have access to our outdoor pool! Kids and adults will enjoy cooling off in the pool, relaxing by the water, and spending time outside without having to spend any extra money.

Located on the Trolley Route

You may not know that the city of Gatlinburg has a trolley system that takes visitors where they want to go. Usually, it costs a little bit to use the trolley, but not in Gatlinburg! You can take advantage of the free travel system, especially since our hotel is right on the trolley route! Head over to the Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community, catch a ride farther downtown, or make your way to Pigeon Forge!

Offer a Massage Discount

woman getting a massage

If your ultimate goal on your next Smoky Mountain vacation is to relax, then you’ll be happy to know that our guests receive a discount on massage treatments! We partner with Restorative Massage of the Smokies, and you can get a discount on a soothing massage on your trip. All you have to do is mention that you’re staying with us!

We truly take pride in being budget friendly for our guests, and we would be happy to have you stay with us on your next trip! Are you ready to start planning? Look at our Gatlinburg hotel rooms, and book one today!

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