The Peddler steakhouse

4 Great Gatlinburg Restaurants That Are a Short Walk from Our Hotel

You may have heard that there are many great Gatlinburg restaurants to get a nice, hearty meal. Did you know that when you stay with us at Old Creek Lodge, you can find some of the best restaurants in town nearby? We’ll give you a list of 4 restaurants that all serve different items which are favorites of our guests — all within a short walking distance from our hotel!

1. The Park Grill

The Park Grill​ may be located on the Parkway, but you can shoot through the Ober Gatlinburg Tramway Mall for a shortcut that will take you to this place that we highly recommend. Don’t be fooled by its exterior, it’s one of the many laid-back and casual Gatlinburg restaurants that’s very welcoming to families with children. They have an extensive menu on their lodge-inspired interior that’ll give you a true taste of the Smokies that you won’t forget!

2. Tom and Earl’s Back Alley GrillGatlinburg Back Alley Grill

Tom and Earl’s Back Alley Grill​ has gained some high praise for putting out great food, along with many Gatlinburg restaurants. In fact, the Best Things Tennessee website ranked them as one of the best lunch spots in all of Tennessee. You won’t get any argument from tourists or locals. They have some uniquely named offerings that stay true to the region, and live music, which is also a nice touch to this tasty little gem that can be accessed by taking a short walk down River Road.

3. The Peddler

The Peddler​ is another excellent option that’s one of the Gatlinburg restaurants within walking distance of our hotel. If you’re looking for a nice, romantic meal with your sweetheart, this is the ideal place to go. They are known for their wonderful steaks, and they’ve been a tradition in Gatlinburg for many years. There is plenty of history that goes along with this place, and you won’t want to miss it. It will be hard to resist a meal at this restaurant, since it’s close enough from our hotel to get a whiff in the evening.

Crocketts Breakfast Camp4. Crockett’s Breakfast Camp

Crockett’s Breakfast Camp​ may not be steeped in tradition, but it’s one of the great newer Gatlinburg restaurants to get a deliciously filling breakfast in the morning. Based on the life of a fellow named David “Crockett” Maples, the “Camp” is decorated like a frontier camp that he might have lived in. He certainly would have plenty of energy to get him through the day if he saw the food served here. The portions are gigantic, and the food is generally breakfast-related, but there are unique offerings few others dare to prepare. It’s definitely old-fashioned, home-cooked goodness you’ll enjoy!

Now you understand why a stay at Old Creek Lodge is great for the foodie in you! The best Gatlinburg restaurants are all just a short walk away, and we’ll take good care of you in between your fabulous dining experiences. Have yourself a relaxing vacation and ​book a room​ from us to eat up your spectacular surroundings!