ripley's haunted adventure in gatlinburg

5 Halloween Activities in Gatlinburg This Fall

Do you love ghost stories and other spooky adventures that make the hair on the back of your head stand or do you just prefer moderate family-themed Halloween activities? Then Gatlinburg is a fantastic vacation destination for you! This area has numerous things to keep you and your family entertained throughout October. From outright spooky activities for teens and adults to moderate scary for your young ones, you will find something for everyone in Gatlinburg. Check out these 5 Halloween activities in Gatlinburg you don’t want to miss!

1. Gatlinburg Mysterious Mansion

mysterious mansion in gatlinburgWould you like to experience a real-life haunted house? Visit the famous Gatlinburg Mysterious Mansion located along River Road. Even on non-Halloween days, the sight of this home is enough to send chills down the spine of any passer-by. While it remains open for better part of the year, it is usually amplified during the Halloween season and packed with often unimaginable thrills and horrors inside.

The Mysterious House’s terrifying appeal further fuels its haunted state, making it the perfect option for a real-life haunted house experience this fall. Add this to the nerve-racking silence and cold mountainous feel of the night, and you will leave with memories to carry you through the next Halloween season. Don’t miss out on one of the best Halloween activities in Gatlinburg!

2. Ripley’s Fright Nights

There is a reason Ripley’s Haunted Adventure in Gatlinburg doesn’t admit children under the age of 6 and request that preteens be accompanied by an adult. The frightening fun, horror, and scream-worthy activities in Gatlinburg you expect to find here take your Halloween experience to an entirely different level. From frozen monsters to wrapped mummies, expect some of the most spine-chilling encounters with all types of maniacs you have ever watched on TV or read about in ghost stories.

By the time you are done with this 10,000 square foot haunted adventure, you will have already met every conceivable ghost. They often lurk around every corner and alley of the house, hang from its ceilings, and even make grotesque dancing moves by the fireplace. Interestingly, the house is open all throughout October, and you can catch up on these activities every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Nonetheless, the fact that it opens throughout the month doesn’t dilute the level of fun and thrill. Every time you step into the building, expect to have a fright of your lifetime.

3. Kyker Farms

corn mazeAre you looking for a group or family Halloween activities? While it may not be completely Halloween themed, visiting Kyker Farms in Sevierville is a great fall activity! This allows for everyone’s participation, both young and old as you find your way through the corn mazes, grab a pumpkin to take home, and enjoy the other activities on the farm.

4. Pumpkin Luminights at Dollywood

Every year in the fall, Dollywood hosts The Harvest Festival and Pumpkin Luminights. Guests will enjoy seeing fall-inspired decorations all throughout the park, from scarecrows to brightly colored landscaping. There are seasonal treats, meals, and drinks you’ll want to try that are only available during this event, and after you chow down, you can enjoy the rides, shops, and shows! As the end of the day draws near, the whole park lights up in spooky-yet-fun jack-o-lanterns and other decorations!

5. Creepy Places in the National Park

little greenbrier cemetery in the great smoky mountainsWhile the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is often admired for its beauty, it still has ghostly pockets that are downright creepy. For instance, did you know that the park was the original home for hundreds of settlers and American natives? As a result, you will find hundreds of graveyards and creepy cabins littered all over the park. It forms one the best places to take your family out for a walk as you tell them numerous ghost folklore about the park. This gives them a chance to get hold to yet another side of Halloween they never experienced but also educates your children on the history of the area.

You can never run out of frighteningly fun Halloween activities in Gatlinburg during the day or night. From daylight corn-farm maze treks to creepy park visits and zombie hunts, there is something for everyone. Regardless of your previous Halloween experience, Gatlinburg presents you with an entirely new and unique treat. It gets busy during fall season, so book your room today!