Old Creek Lodge Hotel in Gatlinburg

3 Free Perks of Staying at Our Downtown Gatlinburg Hotel

At Old Creek Lodge we understand that saving money while on vacation allows you to stay longer and to experience more. We put together a list together of free perks that you’ll receive while staying at our downtown Gatlinburg hotel. We hope that you’ll find each perk helpful in putting a little extra cash in your pockets!

Free Continental Breakfast

During your stay at our hotel, you’ll receive a free continental breakfast daily. We no longer offer hot items during breakfast but we provide plenty of options to get your day started off on happy and healthy start! If you would prefer a more hearty breakfast, check out this list of great Gatlinburg breakfast spots that we’ve put together for you as well.

Free Onsite Parking

Our Gatlinburg hotel offers free onsite parking, with many spaces also covered. We are also within walking distance of many of the top restraints, shops, and attractions. You can even access the national park via the Gatlinburg Trail after just a 5-minute walk. If you’re wanting to explore further out into the city, you can also take the Gatlinburg trolley. A trolley pass can be purchased at numerous spots that will allow you to take unlimited rides for $2 per day.

Free Wifi

While being a guest at our downtown hotel, you’ll be able to access our free wifi. Logging in with our wifi will allow you to save your photo data for the times that you’re out exploring Gatlinburg. This gives you an opportunity to also save money once you get back home as well. There’s no need to bump up the total on your bill when you can upload all of those fantastic vacation photos for free from the hotel!

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