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Gatlinburg Trolley: Explore More

There is nothing like a visit to the mountains of Tennessee to refresh your spirit. Cool, wooded areas are a nice break from the heat of summer. Plenty of arts and crafts will keep you busy looking for something to take home. Loads of restaurants allow you to eat something different at every meal. With so much to explore, there is no way you can see it all on foot. Why would you walk when a Gatlinburg trolley system is in place to comfortably transfer you to anywhere within a 50-mile radius of Gatlinburg?

Twenty trolleys with air-conditioning, beautiful wooden seats and plenty of windows offer you a way to keep cool and see the sites without wearing out your feet and legs. You may want to just hop aboard and see the sites. You could go from destination-to-destination, shopping and eating and then riding to the next stop. The trolley is a fantastic way to see Gatlinburg. With 100 stops conveniently located all around the town, you never have to go far to catch a ride.

Riding the trolley will also allow you to save money. Park your car for free at the Welcome Center then climb on the trolley. Think of the money you will save from parking fees. Think of the hassles you will avoid trying to find a parking spot. Consider all of the time you will save riding around looking for a safe place to park your car. The trolley is the way to go in Gatlinburg. Use your savings to pick up souvenirs or have a special dinner with your loved ones. Don’t worry – the trolley can take you to that restaurant or specialty shop!

People who have never used public transit before may be intimidated by the trolley system. How much does it cost? What if I get on the wrong one? How do I know which route the trolley is taking? These are common concerns for some visitors. Rest assured, the Gatlinburg Trolley is user friendly. Maps, routes and times are available at the Aquarium, City Hall and many hotels. A hotel such as the Old Creek Lodge has a trolley stop right outside their door for your convenience. The maps are color-coded and so are the trolleys. The purple trolley goes with the purple route and so on. Each trolley is well marked on the front and side so you will know which color it is. Trips around town are 50 cents. Going to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park will only cost you $2.00. Here is the best deal: If you are going to Dollywood, the trolley will drop you off at the entrance for $1.00! Since a single vehicle parking pass is $12.00 at Dollywood, why wouldn’t you choose the trolley? Trolley schedules coincide the park’s operating hours and run 1 1/2 hours after closing. Talk about convenience! There is even an all-day pass (doesn’t include Dollywood route) available for $2.00 per day. You can hop on and off as much as you like for two little dollars.

If you get on the wrong trolley, don’t panic. Drivers are very glad to help you find the right trolley. Simply enjoy your ride back to the station at the Aquarium and hop on the right trolley. You will never be truly lost on the Gatlinburg trolley. You may even find new and exciting places to visit while you ride. All trolleys go to the Aquarium, so you are never far from the heart of Gatlinburg. There is even a GPS app that you can use to locate trolleys all around.

This year when you visit Gatlinburg, park your car. Don’t worry about wearing your walking shoes. Use the money you would’ve spent for a parking place on something you want instead. Climb aboard the comfortable trolley. You don’t even have to worry about getting a window seat. You are surrounded by windows. Relax and enjoy your ride to the Aquarium, the national park or Dollywood. See people hiking up the crowded sidewalks and be glad it’s not you. You will arrive to your restaurant cool and fresh. The trolley will deliver you to the door of your favorite pottery shop or jewelry store. You will not be so tired from walking that you can’t enjoy your vacation. You will not be rubbing your feet or tending to blisters in your hotel room tonight.

The trolley is also an environmentally friendly way to travel. Trolleys use clean fuel, which keeps the forests, animals and mountain air happy and safe. Driving your car around town will damage the environment. This is yet another reason to park your car and ride the trolley.

Lastly, who doesn’t like to be chauffeured from place to place? Think of the Gatlinburg trolley as your personal chauffeured ride to all of the sights and attractions of Gatlinburg.